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3 Tips for becoming a better music producer (beatmaking)
October 1, 2018

Ever heard a beat so good it had you bopping your head and tapping your feet so hard only to realize there’s about a dozen eyes staring at you laughing, each wondering how many energy drinks you had to drink? Well guess what, you have music producers to thank for that. I’m not taking anything away from the artist singing or rapping over the beat but unless you’re B-Rabbit (Eminem) in 8 miles, going acapella and sounding good is no easy task....

The 10 Best-Selling Rappers of All Time
October 1, 2018

Ever wondered how many units your favourite rapper has sold or better yet if he’s one of the top 10 best-selling of all time? Let’s face it, at some point everyone and their grandparents have tried to spit a verse to a hot beat. Now whether that verse deserved to be sold and listened to by millions worldwide is a whole other story. The art takes great skills, so much so that since its birth in the 1970s, very few rap artists managed to break...

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