Ever heard a beat so good it had you bopping your head and tapping your feet so hard only to realize there’s about a dozen eyes staring at you laughing, each wondering how many energy drinks you had to drink? Well guess what, you have music producers to thank for that. I’m not taking anything away from the artist singing or rapping over the beat but unless you’re B-Rabbit (Eminem) in 8 miles, going acapella and sounding good is no easy task. Don’t believe me? Just lower the volume next time you catch someone singing their favorite song, haha.

Since the beginning of human culture, musical instruments have been used to create melodic sounds to allow us to move and express ourselves. Now more than ever is this sound and melodic creation becoming more important in giving us that desire to move and feel. Right when the song starts and before the artist gets a chance to say his first words you can already decide whether the track is going to be a banger. It’s safe to say that a hot beat can make a bad artist sound good but rarely the opposite.

Fun Fact: Can you guess what the oldest instrument is? Scroll down for answer.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to become a better music producer these are my 3 tips for you!


1. Have a vision

What’s your musical vision and what kind of music do you want to create? Do you want a sound that’s similar to something you’ve heard before or do you want to create a unique sound that’s never been heard. Creating something new is always hard and most times ill advised, but I say that if that’s the direction you want to go then research the roots of music and different genre and go from there.

Remember not to limit your creative capacity.


2. Constantly Analyze

This one doesn’t sound hard but it’s not as easy as you think. You always need to be listening to music in a proactive way as oppose to passive.

What’s the difference you ask?

Well most people who aren’t into music listen to it passively as they aren’t trying to understand the mechanics behind it. I’m not saying listening to music should feel like a chore, or that next time you’re at the club and a hot track comes on you take out a pen and paper to note down which 808s was used.

Get your brain used the processing music in a certain way and you’ll start to understand creative flows behind your favourite producers!


3. Invest in the right equipment

It is all too common for producers when starting out to cut corners and not buy the proper equipment needed to pump out quality beats. You may think you’re saving money but cheaper equipment tends to be replaced far more often.

Something as small as getting the right pair of professional headphones that allows you to hear all sounds undiluted is enough to give you an edge in beat making.

If you can’t afford newer model equipment look for high quality older models. They’re bound to be selling at a discount!


Bonus Tip: Respect your ears!

You need your ears to do your job so there’s no need exposing them to deafening levels of sound.

Answer: The Flute

Hopefully you find these tips helpful and use them to advance further in your musical producing journey and most importantly remember to have fun!

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